Graphic Design

Graphic design services for all of your needs.

web graphic design


Need graphics or promotional material for use on your website, social media sites, or anywhere on the web? Get in touch with one of our graphic artists and create the graphic that is right for you. Get expert advice and tips at no extra charge.

print graphics design


Create print artworks and graphics to be used in print with Molex Media’s experienced graphic design artists. Our graphic design team can create all types of artworks; postcards, CD/DVD, coupons, flyers, brochures, and more.

ad creative design

Ad Creative

Never underestimate the power of design when display advertising online and in print. Design is king in this industry of advertisers who are constantly trying new methods to get the viewers attention. Our marketing experts and graphic designers can design an ad that is right for you; having a poorly designed ad can ruin your return on investment. Have your ad constructed by a professional!

brand identity and logo design


Every business needs a logo, a very well made one. Creating a logo is not just creating an artwork, at Molex Media its far more than that. Creating a logo requires extensive research and a lot of planning. You cant ignore the importance of planning and the use of statistics and research to create a logo that is right for your business. After all, its your first impression to your customer.

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